We present our reliable windows, produced with special precision by a qualified team of professionals. Each product, coming from the hands of our specialists, fulfilled high standards to serve our customers best every day. It’s not just high quality of materials but also a wide selection, which allows you to adjust the product to every need.

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The advantages of our windows

Our products provide numerous incomparable benefits. Among them, we would like to highlight:


Strong, anti-burglary windows are a guarantee of your peace. All our windows are designed to ensure the best protection, against bad weather and unwanted guests.


Good construction of our windows allows minimizing heat loss, thanks to the use of special seals and connections in critical points. This way, our windows can maintain the appropriate room temperature and save on heating bills.

Easy adjustment

The special design of our windows ensures easy use every time. The presence of air inlets enables correct air circulation in house.


Special construction, installation techniques and use of high quality materials makes our windows durable and highly resistant to various mechanical damages. Our products can be used for many years without worries.

Noise reduction

To ensure high comfort in daily use, we employ modern reinforcement methods for our windows, such as acoustic foil and the use of higher density plastic.

PVC Windows

Modern PVC windows are an excellent choice for private customers and business investments. These products are characterized by highly effective thermal insulation and excellent noise reduction from the outside. Our PVC windows provide the best protection against wind and bad weather conditions.

Their greatest advantage is the very favorable price, which is commensurate with the quality of windows made from polymers. The classic and aesthetic appearance of our products allows for their use in various types of construction.

Aluminum Windows

Fashionable aluminum windows quickly gained popularity in the market due to their unique features. The use of aluminum carpentry, known for its durability, enables the production of windows with a very large glazed area. This allows for an interesting, well-lit arrangement of any interior. Aluminum windows are characterized by elegance, high resistance to mechanical factors, and relatively low weight. Another significant advantage of this type of windows is their high level of thermal insulation, ensuring a constant temperature in the room and reducing heating costs.

Wooden Windows

The best solution for individuals seeking a classic, stylish appearance combined with the best parameters. Wooden windows, thanks to their natural construction material, can adopt various looks depending on the type of wood used. Additionally, they are the most environmentally friendly solution, and their production does not significantly contribute to the carbon footprint. In the case of this product, the beautiful appearance seamlessly blends with high thermal and acoustic performance. In the production of our wooden windows, we use real wood, which can be further enhanced with a wide range of protective varnishes in various colors.

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