PVC systems

PVC systems are an ideal solution for connecting the interior of a house with the garden or terrace, providing daily comfort of use. Thanks to the use of proven materials and special production technologies, they achieve excellent parameters, delighting with their qualities every day.

This is an excellent solution for any space, ensuring maximum glazed area and, consequently, the best illumination of various rooms.

Why choose PVC systems?

  • Products made of the highest-quality material
  • Durability and resistance to damage
  • Large glazed surfaces
  • Functionality
  • Systems with special guides
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Suitable for various types of construction
  • Option to choose between two systems – PSK/PAS and HST
  • Stylish design and a variety of color options

Large glazed surfaces

An important advantage of choosing PVC sliding systems is the ability to use very large glazed surfaces due to the durable construction of the elements. This is the best solution for individuals, who want to minimize the size of profiles, allowing them to enjoy a large amount of natural light and a view of the surroundings every day.

Advanced guide systems

In our PVC sliding systems, we use special guide systems for solutions like HST. The proper structure of guides and special fittings ensures that sliding doors move along them without the need for applying excessive force. An additional benefit of such a solution is the possibility of minimizing thresholds, facilitating movement between spaces and providing a very modern look.

Combining functionality and stylish appearance

In our offer, you will find solutions that provide you with the perfect combination of high performance, durability, and a modern look tailored to any interior. Our company offers a variety of appearance options for PVC systems, including different stylistic and color variants, allowing us to customize the product to meet every customer’s needs.

PSK/PAS and HST systems

Among our PVC sliding systems, you can choose:

  • Tilt-and-slide systems (PSK)
  • Stand-and-slide systems (PAS)
  • Lift-and-slide systems (HST)

It is valuable to familiarize yourself with all the options and their everyday operation to choose the right product according to your expectations. Our specialists will assist you in deciding which sliding system will be the best for your chosen application.

Effective insulation

An additional advantage, appreciated by our customers, is the high insulation performance of our PVC systems. Windows and doors not only provide the best protection against heat loss but also help to isolate rooms from unwanted external noises. Choosing PVC systems allows you to enjoy high comfort and reduce expenses on heating bills.

Order PVC systems with installation and enjoy their reliability for years!